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The small and impoverished nation of Haiti has just experienced the punishing winds and rain of Hurricane Matthew. As I write this article, we do not yet know what the cost of the storm is in human lives lost, buildings destroyed, and roads that have become impassible.

Following the 2010 earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010, I had the privilege of going there on two occasions as a representative of my spiritual family, the American Baptist Churches of New Jersey. We distributed some $200,000 in aid in partnership with the Haitian Baptist Convention. And of course, I brought my camera.

This picture of the nation’s capitol building symbolized the state of affairs on a national level:


However, the real cost was in human lives lost and the impoverishment of a people already living at an economic level that is among the lowest in the Western Hemisphere. These shots illustrate the enduring dignity and aspirations of the Haitian people.


This abstract photo of rebar on a building that was never completed memorializes the issues facing the Haitian people. Will they ever finish rebuilding their lives? Is there hope for the future, or will despair reign?


If you would like to donate to ABCNJ’s efforts to aid the Haitian people following hurricane Matthew, please go to our ABCNJ.net.

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