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One of the joys of being a photographer is having one’s photos used by organizations and causes that are in harmony with one’s own values and principles.

Yesterday, the Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries uploaded one of my shots to their new web site home page. This movement originated from with my denomination, the American Baptist Churches USA, but now ministers to people of all Christian traditions. Each summer, their national conference takes place at the Green Lake Conference Center, and I have attended both as a board members and speaker. They needed a meaningful picture of the Center, and I was most pleased they felt led to use this one:


I am also quite open to offering my photos in the service of secular and non-partisan political causes. For example, several years ago the following photograph from Kampala, Uganda, was used by the World Bank in an anti-corruption campaign focused on Africa:


And finally, the International Museum of Women included this photograph from Egypt as part of its “Women, Money and the Global Economy” project in 2009:


A photograph has the power to encourage people spiritually, to critique unjust social and political structures, and to inspire others to imagine and work for a more positive future.